Has anyone run into this?

We are currently running Vantage 8.03.407.

I posted this issue a few days ago and received a lot of good tips on system logic and ways to quiet PO suggestion noise (messages).

Today an EPICOR consultant went through our system, via webex, and informed us that our system is broken and not working according to design.

The problem we are experiencing is that MRP is not taking into account current open POs, supply, when calculating PO suggestions.

For instance, we have a part with a MIN of 100, MAX of 200, an On-Hand Qty of 76, and reorder to MAX selected. There is an open PO with a due date of next month and a line order qty of 124 which was created using PO suggestions. However, the system continues to post a suggestion of qty 124 each time MRP is rerun. The system is behaving this way for every part.

We have tried setting days of supply at different intervals from a month to a year. We have also tried locking the PO line release qty and due date. Nothing is changing this behavior.

Has anyone run into this problem of the MRP system completely ignoring open supply / PO's? Keep in mind we are just a couple months into utilizing PO suggestions so I cannot say if this is a new issue.