Help getting OrderHed.TermsCode showing on the Customer Shipment Entry screen


I have went around and around on this.

I have some employees who said it would be helpful to them to be able to see the OrderHed.TermsCode on the Customer Shipment Entry PackOut screen.

I know how to trigger it, I just don’t know the best way to show it.
I created a UD field in ShipHead called Terms_c to link the my textbox on the screen.

Since PackOut isn’t a table, I couldn’t create a UD field there to write to.

I wasn’t sure how to get the TermsCode to copy from OrderHed to ShipHead triggered from PackOut.

Any help is appreciated.


Naah, just use the Data Tools, from the Tools drop down, and create a Foreign Key View.

Could you be more specific. Not been doing this for very long and still learning terms, locations, etc…

Holy Crap!

I skimmed the manual I have for Foreign Keys and poked through it.

Linked my textbox to it and tested, worked great!

I really need to learn when foreign key will do!

Thanks a million @Jonathan_Lang!!

I appreciate the point in the right direction!

I’m having issues uploading some pics for you. You’re going to create a Foreign Key View (FKV) and a Sub Key View (SKV). I just slapped this together for you. You may want to connect ShipHead to OrderHed. You’ll have to do the testing to make sure your columns work.

But in the mean time open your Data Tools from the Customization Tools Dialog box --> Tools --> Data Tools

Hope that gets you started.