HELP.. Manifest Error: Product Must have primary Tariff ID

Has anyone seen the error below when using customer shipment entry to ship an order. The Ship To is OTS and the country is USA, along with a correct zip code and state. Not sure why manifest wants to produce international paperwork for this shipment. International shipment is not checked. havent been able to ship alot of orders because of this error. Been waiting on Epicor support but no response yet. Any help??


Manifest System Message

EM0306: Unable to create International Paperwork. Product(s) must have a Primary Tariff ID —


If you try to Freight a shipment in Epicor and the Tariff code is not set up in Manifest, you will get an error.

In Epicor, look at Part Maintenance>Integrations Tab>Manifest Info>Schedule B Code
If a Schedule B Code is in this field, it must ALSO exist in Manifest under Maintenance>Tariff Codes

Must use dashes example: 4821-10-4000

When creating the codes in Manifest, we were told by Manifest to do U/M = NO (always)

Thanks Lacey! Whats odd is that the part setup and in manifest app on the server. Both places have the tariff code with dashes. On top of that, this is not an international shipment. That’s why i am stumped.

Strange!! Honestly what I would try is: temporarily remove the Schedule B code from the Part and save. Then try to freight it and see if that works.

Thanks! Didn’t Work :frowning:

You might need Country of Origin set on the Part in Part Maintenance?

Thanks! Country of Origin was already set on the Part Maintenance.

FOUND THE SOLUTION: the country in the OTS Release tab was blank. Not sure why it was blank then the OTS country header level but this was causing the issue. Thank you @lgraham and @hkeric.wci for you help!

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Thank you this was helpful.

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