Help...When I right click on Jobnum added menu item pulls in all jobs

I added the Job Adjustment menu item to the Right click on JobNum and when the menu item opens it pulls in all jobs, not just the JobNum I right clicked on.
Did I set it up wrong?


Hello…I tried to replicate the issue, and I get the same outcome as you’re getting. When I right click and select Job Adjustment from the context menu, I also get all jobs loaded into the form. It appears you set it up correctly, though I’m not familiar enough with Context Menu Maintenance to be of any great help.

thanks for looking at it.

Some of the context menu stuff just won’t work. Either the form isn’t set up to take in the input to launch correctly (like you found) or it will crash when you change rows (like when the form follows along).

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I have experienced the same thing @Banderson