Help with "Parent Columns and Child Columns don't have type-matching columns."


I am trying to link PORel table to TranGLC table and I am getting the “Parent Columns and Child Columns don’t have type-matching columns.” error.
I understand that the column type must match but before I go through some effort to set up a bpm to copy the wanted column from TranGLC to a UD column on PORel, I was wondering if there was an easier/better way of doing it?

My goal is to print the GL code on each line of the PO Report.

All input is appreciated.


Any ideas? Anybody??

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That does technically fit the question because I was vague.
What I need to to link the two tables in RDD so I can use the GLAccount field on the SSRS report when printing the Purchase Order.
I tried what you showed on the Relationships tab in RDD and it didn’t take it.
Any ideas on how to do it in RDD or writing a BPM that copies the TranGLC.GLAccount field to a UD @ PORel.GLAccount_c?
Or a third way that is easier/better?

Anybody have any ideas?
All help is appreciated.


You can’t do it in RDD bpm is the only way I know. :confounded:

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You would also need to include The RelatedToFile field in your join to limit the records to those where the RelatedToFile =‘PORel’

I have not tried this in an RDD, but the join relationship between TranGLC and PORel in the straight SQL Syntax is something like this:

select top 10 POR.PONum, POR.POLine,POR.PORelNum,TGL.GLAccount
from erp.tranglc TGL with (nolock)
inner join ERP.PORel POR with (nolock) on (TGL.Company = POR.Company and TGL.Key1 = POR.PONum and TGL.Key2 = POR.POLine and TGL.Key3 = POR.PORelNum and TGL.RelatedToFile=‘PORel’)

Hello @frontierits,

That was the join I attempted but didn’t work. The key fields are strings and the PONum, POLine, and PORelNum are integers.

After I tried a couple of different things with that, I figured that wasn’t going to be my answer. But I asked anyways in case I was wrong.

Hey @josecgomez ,

I figured it was going to be a BPM but I haven’t wrote one like this quite yet. Any pointers on writing a BPM from the PORel side that would trigger a copy of the GLAccount when PORel gets loaded? That would be ideal.
If not, how about when PORel is updated.

I appreciate anyone on this forum’s helps ides, etc…


If this is related to your other post. Think you can do this in the RDD. Please post your expression.

This might help. The string value needs to be in a cast statement.

Select *
from Erp.TranGLC glc
inner join PORel po on glc.Key1 = cast(po.PONum as varchar)
and glc.Key2 = cast(po.POLine as varchar)
and glc.Key3 = cast(po.PORelNum as varchar)
and glc.RelatedToFile = ‘PORel’

Hello all,

There was not a good answer to this and I got a different way of doing what I wanted from another post.

I am going to mark this as answered.

Thanks all of you for your help and input.


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