Hexadecimal Errors will bring me to early retirement!

We had a problem with global processing of parts and Epicor recommended a fix, upon running this fix the system found 58,000 hexadecimal errors due to special characters in the description.

The fix worked, for now, but we are finding every time we have to process a new set of parts, we run into the same thing.

We have an initiative to stop using special characters and cleanup of existing ones but I am hearing that industry standards require them in internal part cross reference, manufacturer part numbers and customer part cross references.

Is this just something I will have nightmares about forever or are they any suggestions to alleviate the pain if the special characters are required in certain places?

Well, there’s special characters and then there’s the non-printable characters which generally produce that hex error.
We run into the same issue occasionally.
I ended up getting a script written for me to scrub my database of them.

Disclaimer: Since this touches the SQL database directly, this is not sanctioned by Epicor in any way shape or form and it is recommended to have backups at all times.

We use a DataDirective (On new records and condition code returning true or false) to only allow certain characters in PartNum.

foreach(var part in ttPart)
if(!new System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex("^[a-zA-Z0-9_-]*$").IsMatch(part.PartNum))
return true;

return false;

You could setup the same for allowing your set of “printable” characters…
We had to do this to allow what our scanners could read.
We also introduced a maximum characters of 40 sor our labels bar codes could fit.

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Thank you for the suggestion, Pierre!

Youre welcome

of course the false would show an exception message, thus not allowing the save!!!


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That’s great for keeping your PartNums “clean”. But @bmathenge had said it was special chars in the description. I’m guessing it is mostly from copy and paste. But as she said, “industry standards require them in internal part cross reference”, they may be necessary.

We have some special characters like

° (degree)
™ (TRademark)
± (plus/minus)

That have to be in the description.

And if the source text used in a copy and paste is from a word doc, email, or website (including this one), quotation marks will be replaced with fancy ones.

"Hello World!"


“Hello World!”


And I haven’t even touched any language related characters with accents and umlauts…

Yes, you are correct.

Language is also an issue for us, especially in comments and memos. We have Spanish and Mandarin that we are dealing with soon and I’m having anxiety just thinking about it.

There is also heavy of use Alt Keyboard Sequences that are being copied and pasted directly into Epicor and also loaded via DMT.

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