Hidden/Read-only properties for a UD field in a grid not working

I added a field to OrderDtl via UD column maintenance, a boolean
Epicor reset the appserver (we’re cloud). I can edit, read the field, all’s well there.

I can view the field fine in the Summary grid in Sales Order Entry.
I modified the column to be ReadOnly, but it is not.
I tested this with multiple users. We all cleared our cache prior to testing
Note that the Hidden check won’t work either, though I don’t want it hidden.

Do the Hidden and ReadOnly properties in a grid field not work for UD fields?

How did you modify the column to be ReadOnly? If you did it in the customization, then did you only set the property, or did you use the Wizard to set the dataView field?
If you did it from the Extended UD Column screen, it should work, but may require a new Regen.
Also, you can do it from the Extended Propertied for OrderDtl_UD.

To set the Read Only, I opened the form in customization, selected the grid on Summary tab, clicked the (Collection) drop down, and for the field I want Read Only, ticked the Read Only box. That way does not seem to work.

I didn’t do it on Extended Properties, but I can. People will never need to change this field at the SO Entry form. It comes over from Part via BPM, Update Table by Query on SalesOrder.Update.

if I check Read Only on the OrderDtl_UD table field using Extended Properties form, will it prevent the BPM from updating the OrderDtl record in the first place?

There’s code on the Order Entry form that will highlight the grid line yellow if this field is TRUE.

Thanks for your help.

Yup. Your process won’t work, sorry.
The Extended Properties ReadOnly only affects how the user can interact with the value. You can still use BPMs, Customizations, etc to update the value.

Do I need to have a data regeneration again if I tick that one ReadOnly in Extended Properties?

No. It will take affect the next time you open the screen.

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Great, many thanks!