How are you generating 856 files with multiple SSCCs?

In our current E9 system we have created an access database that pulls the pack slip, splits it by mark for then lets the user enter the SSCC18 codes and quantities per line item. Then it generates the outbound 856 files, one per Mark For.

I was looking forward to E10 PCID because each line in the pack slip can have its own PCID. I see now the PCIDs are limited to 12 digits and there is no way of creating a check digit in the configuration.

If we were going to use the Epicor legal number for generating SSCC’s we would be doing a pack slip per container. This would be a crazy amount of entry for us, as our orders contain thousands of releases with between 10-60 Mark For’s and the Mark For’s can have multiple containers. Plus it would generate an 856 per container instead of per Mark For.

I am wondering how others have dealt with this situation.


We use Bartender to make the actual barcode of the SSCC, it makes the check digit. We made a UD field to store the last used serial number and a customization to increment for each packline (another UD). Then it’s exported to a text file for Bartender to pick up.

Not as clean as I’d like but it’s what we did.