How can i change de parent sheet from sheet wizard?

Due to a change in a requirement, I need to change a sheet of the sheet wizard from one place to another without losing the current customization, because it already has a lot of progress.

I don’t think you can. You need to recreate the sheet. You should be able to change any code that you already have in place to point to the correct item after you recreate it though. (obviously depending on what it is you’ve done)

It was somehow solved using the custom XML editor of the customization, just create a reference sheet to get the data of the ParentControlKey and the propertyName of the parent


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Ah, good call. I forgot about that trick. I think I’ve only done that once, and have seemingly already forgot about it.

Mirroring the screenshots you provided i can’t seem to replicate. I was able to get my sheets underneath a parent in the treeview, but now they are marked visible = false and I cannot make it true.

What piece am I missing? I made the parent reference on my child the parent GUID. Was that correct? that wasn’t in your screenshots, but I couldn’t get any closer with what I see here.