How can I tell which suppliers I can delete?


I have been asked to delete all suppliers that someone DMTed into Epicor that have not been used yet.

How can I tell which suppiers can be deleted?

  1. Grab the Vendor Table in a query
  2. Left Join POHeader, APInvHed and RFQHeader tables.
  3. Add a where condition to only grab records when POHeader, APInvHed and RFQHeader is null.
  4. Take that list and create a DMT import file.
  5. Run said file through a DMT delete.

Anything that can’t be deleted will be left. You don’t even, technically, need to filter your results. Just dump erp.Vendor into an excel file, DMT it, and let the system figure out what can’t be deleted. It’s pretty good about that.

Get the original DMT file that was use to create those vendors and use it to delete them…

I followed your advise and just created a file with all the vendors for that company and ran the delete DMT on it. Worked like a charm!

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