How do I change the sort for Job Pick List


I have been asked to create a new report style for Job Pick List that sorts it by the PartNum instead of Sequence number.

Does anyone know where that is located in the report?

I have tried changing the group sort option on all the groups but it didn’t seem to make a difference.

Any help is appreciated.


I am not totally sure, but it MIGHT be sorting it by Warehouse/Bin and THEN part number. Do you have all your parts in the same BIN?

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This is in test for a new company we will be adding.

Right now the parts they have are not in any bins that I can tell.

@timshuwy Any ideas?

I still have not found what controls the sorting on the Job Pick List.

See the Sort in the group properties (you’ll have to figure out which group you need):



That was the first thing I tried.
I changed every one of the groups sorting to PartNum. It still printed out in the same order as before.



I even changed a color on the title to make sure my changes were uploading. They are.

Any ideas?


Is there anyone out here who has changed the sort of the parts in Job Pick List before?

If so, please let me know how you did it.

I have checked the obvious place of Group->Sorting and that did nothing.

Where else could I check for the line sorting?

Any help at all is truly appreciated!


That is not the correct field. [PartNum] is the finished good, you need the materials - [JobMtl_PartNum]

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That seemed to be part of the key but I finally got it working (as far as I can tell) by a combination of changing/deleting grouping in the groups and changing the sorting in the groups.

Group Detail: I deleted the group ‘Details’ leaving the columns intact.
Group 3: I deleted the grouping. I changed the sorting to be only ‘JobMtl_PartNum’.
Group 2: I changed the grouping to ‘JobNum’ and deleted all sorting.
Group 1: I left alone.

After I did this, it gave me all the lines grouped by Jobs and sorted by PartNum.

I am explaining what I did for any future person who wanted to do this.

Thank you all for the help!

I couldn’t have got here without you!

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