How do I zero out a deposit balance?

We have 2 customers who have had a deposit balance on file since 2021. in reality they have a zero balance but the deposits were never applied or something. I’m not entirely sure as it was before my time with the company. Is there anyway to zero out these balances?

EpicCare has a KB on it KB0023458, but there are probably others also

I believe you need to return this deposit to customer. Suggest to write-off the credit memo of it to suspense account, and then make Bank payment to customer and clearing the suspense account.

If not be paid back then write-off the CM to write-off account.

here are the bullet points from our work instruction

  • go to invoice entry and select New Deposit Billing Credit Memo
  • enter sales order number / save
  • enter amount to return as a positive number
  • print edit list/ post as normal
  • run the Advanced Billing deposit report to verify it has removed from the report
  • run the Aged Receivables report and look for the credit memo
  • adjust off the credit memo to appropriate GL account
  • if returning deposit to customer, go to the AP side and enter a misc invoice to the same GL account

Thanks for replying. I’ve tried this and it will not post. I get an error in the system monitor. Not sure if it is because it is from 2 years ago or what but it keeps coming back as if the entry group was never posted.

Is the Sales order Open? If not reopen the order (May have to open line 1 as well) and try again.

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