Bad Credit Memo

Our AR clerk created a bad credit memo and I haven’t figured out how to fix it.
When creating a CM, you should enter the dollar value in the positive direction - E10 then makes this negative on it’s own when it transfers it to AR. However, this clerk entered the CM in the negative direction, making this a positive credit memo (sorta like an invoice, but E10 knows it’s a CM). I am unable to clear this CM to an invoice or reverse it. All I have been able to do is adjust the dollars down to zero to get the AR account correct balance. However, the clerk did this as a deposit on an SO and now it is stuck as a negative deposit, and E10 won’t let us create invoices for this customer, and it’s stuck on the AR Advanced Billing Report.
Any ideas how to reverse this bad CM?

Have you tried writing it off to the same account.

Epicor didn’t even allow a negative credit memo in our software version. Maybe you could request a data fix from support?

sounds like something you may need Technical Support to help you resolve. They may have a workaround, or can create a data fix to remove the entry.

Epicor has the CHVARHDM data fix that will let you adjust the invoice amounts. EpiCare will provide a data specific data fix that can correct this. Pop-in an EpiCare case. We occasionally get weirdness that can’t be fixed without it.