How to add Tooling to a Job

We are machining a new product in our shop, and we need to buy a lot of tooling to do it. We want to attach the cost of this tooling to this job, but we are unsure of how to do this. If we create a subcontract operation for the tooling, the subcontract PO will have the top level part number and not the tooling. Should we add this tooling as Material, and issue it from stock?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

You could use a part on the fly - purchase direct part and put it on the job. that would get you the cost onto the job and not add a part to your part master for the tool.

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Thanks Craig, worked great!

Thanks for the post and answer, I was wondering the same thing.
I am thinking of entering all the tools used on each setup sheet into E10.
Are you keeping most of your tooling inside or outside of E10?

if you tool is used one time for one job, then just have it as a MTL on the job.

if you plan on reusing it, then you may need to have it as a Resource or a Mtl depending how you want to manage it.
or dont manage it inside the system…

Our tools are mostly moulds that are used over again and we have them set as Resources within relevant Resource Groups. This means we can monitor capacity against each tool as well as past usage (we have a BPM that counts each Kanban entry).

You will find that using the mold (or tool) as a resource also helps in scheduling because you don’t want to schedule that resource more than the capacity.


Thanks for adding more details… that makes sense. We have some fixtures that are shared between machines. I think those would be the equivalent of your moulds, so those would need to get added to the operation where they are used. We also have cutterhead CNC tooling that gets shared and I am wondering if it would make sense to attached this to the operation as well? I mean they already need to be identified in the programming and they are added to MasterCam, but tracking inventory for scheduling is tricky.