How to cancel configurator On Complete?

The configurator tech ref says of the On Complete event,

You can cancel the event, meaning that you can cancel the completion of a configurator and return focus to the last page, or cancel the session if no previous page/configurator is found.

Nowhere in the tech ref does it actually say how to do this. Or at least, nowhere associated with the word “cancel.”

The docs do describe how to cancel an input change in an On Field Validating expression. (Though it’s incorrectly documented as Args.Cancel when in reality it’s ValidateArgs.Cancel.) This is listed under SystemFunctions in the code editor for an On Field Validating expression. Nothing analogous is listed in the code editor for On Complete.

So I’m still on Epicor 10.2.300 and I’m not sure what the Configurator even looks like in Kinetic… but, in my version I am able to do run Args.Cancel = true on the last page of my Configurator and get it to cancel the Configuration. Not sure where else it would work at or if it even works in Kinetic. I’m not sure why I get these notifications, even! I thought I only subscribed to E10 ones lol! Oh well.

In Kinetic, there’s no Args in an On Complete expression. But there is in an On Page Leave expression, so that might work. Thanks.

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That’s what I was trying to say, yes. I ran it on the On Page Leave expression. The last page is the only page you can “complete” it from, I think.

Each page can check for valid data before allowing / preventing page leaving.

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Yeah, it looks like the docs are just plain fake.