How to default check boxes to false, or true

I am looking for help with changing some default check boxes in PO Entry.
In Purchase Order Entry, under the Lines tab I want when we create a New Line for the Taxable check box to be unchecked, and the Override Price List Check box to default to Checked.

I am new to BPM’s so I haven’t worked with with those on this, and Through help from google i tried to use google to help me write code to make this work, which I will add a photo of below this. I also tried looking through just the customization features and couldn’t find a default value space to change.

I’d do this as a method directive.
You could create a Post-Processing Directive on PO.GetNewPODetail i.e.

Then a little bit of code should get you the rest of the way.

Hopefully that points you in the right direction.

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This is helping me in the right direction, I just need to figure out the code part, and think I should look more into Method Directives, they seem really helpful. Thank you

You don’t have to use code if you don’t want to. You can use the set field widget to do the same thing.

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There is a setting in Company Configuration for “PO Line Taxable”. If it is unselected, then that checkbox shouldn’t get selected at the PO at all.

Company Configuration > Modules > All Modules > Taxes > Detail