How to find an elusive thing

Hey all,

We have logic in place somewhere that automatically clocks out labor transactions at Midnight, as in this thread: clocking-out-employees-automatically

My predecessor built this when we were still on E10 along with an SSRS report to email management to deal with the errant transactions.

My issue is that it fails sometimes and I cannot find it anywhere to review. I can’t find any BPMs or data directives that seem to corollate. There are no scheduled functions or processes. However I know it (mostly) works because it continues to catch when people forget to clock out. How do I find this thing? ERP Analyzer?

Is there any chance that it is an external integration of some kind? A small app that is run on a server, triggered by a Windows Scheduled Task?

I don’t believe so, we’re on-prem and we upgraded in April. Entirely new hardware and environment.

You should be able to use @jgiese.wci’s code from here to search on something from the email that could find it. I find myself using these at least once a week now.

I’d guess it’s a BPM that’s firing on a seemingly unrelated Table/Event. I’ve done something similar where the BPM fires on a SysTask data directive. Essentially the BPM piggy packs on another scheduled event; E-mail Report, BAQ Export, etc

Packaged Up For Convenience:


That’s awesome thank you for building that out. I’m still not able to figure out what is clocking people out automatically at midnight. I can’t find it anywhere in Epicor, on the server, or in the database itself. I feel like I must be missing something really simple, but I’m at a loss. At this point I’m hoping my text to my predecessor helps.

I have the same thing that I run from a scheduled function.

If it’s inside epicor, it will have the text → Clock ← in it.

Search for that. If not, I would say it was external. But you seem to think that’s impossible :frowning:
I wish you luck !