How to Get Menu ID in customization

Hello Mates,

need an Help with the below requirement.

I have a customization on UD form in which I want the MenuID of the menu on which the customization is deployed.
for Example: There are 3 menus and 1 customization layer i want to check if menuid = 1 then pass “ABC” to Call contextBPM.

Not sure about getting the MenuID, but you can get the Customisation ID from the CallContextData

EpiDataView evContext = ((EpiDataView)(oTrans.EpiDataViews["CallContextClientData"])); 
var CustID = evContext.CurrentDataRow["CustomizationId"].ToString();

Thank you for your reply.

Actually I do not want to create 3 seperate customization layer for each Menu. Instead it will be very much helpful if I am able to get the menuID on one single customization layer.

Try below code.

works Perfectly ! Thank You :slight_smile: