Invoke customization from customization

I am running a customization (Customization A). From this I would like to invoke another customization (Customization B). How can I do that in C# that I would write in Customization A?

Your customizations should be associated with a menu. And you call the menu via the following:

ProcessCaller.LaunchForm(oTrans, “menuID”, “reference”);

where reference might be a variable for the called menu to retrieve info about.

You can search this blog about ProcessCaller…


I made Customization B from Customization A. They both have the same menu ID. Is there a way to change Customization B to a different Menu ID?

Just copy the menu to a new menu, make it point to customB.
Change its menu desc, and sequence number, and new menu ID.

And use the new menu ID in your calling in cutsomA.


Thank you. I followed what you told me and got what I want accomplished. Thank you for your help. I am a relative newbie to Epicor.

Youre welcome!

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