How to make a customer inactive/active?

Can we make a customer inactive or active? and can we make an address inactive or active?

You cant out of the box but I am creating a UD field Called Inactive and use that with BPM’s on quotes and orders to let users know that the customer is inactive.

You can uncheck Valid SoldTo on the customer record. This might get what you want but has a loophole. This will block the customer in Order Entry but Quotes can still use the customer even with the SoldTo unchecked. A small BPM can block that to make it a more realistic active/inactive flag

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Hi Ben,

While we have never found an “inactive” single boolean, we have used the individual disallows per below.



Thank you all.

Are you able to attach a reason code to a customer that is inactive? Currently in the process of switching to Epicor and we are able to attache inactivation reason codes to customer/vendors that become inactive. i.e. Customer went out of business (Bankruptcy or Sold company), poor customer (no longer choose to do business), or stale customer.

My suggestion would be to customise the main screen. Insert the customer rating field (Additional tab) to the front screen…pretty simple to do. Add a label text to describe what your using this field for, change the text for Rating to match etc. Its not a reason code but a text field you can then enter what you like.