How to make a saved theme default


I created a theme using the runtime styler but I can’t see where to make that theme default at.

You need to import it into the system with Theme maintenance. You will also want to flag it as default after you import it. Finally it is good to copy the custom ISL file to the styles folder in the client deployment on the server. Hope this helps. The Application
Developer in our group and on this forum can give you more details.

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@jeowings Thanks I undertsand now, but when I go to Theme Maintenance and import theme styles, my saved theme doesn’t show up, its in the same styles folder as the other style files.

@jeowings Neverrmind, I was looking under my dev folder…already got it it to work, thanks a lot.

Your welcome! Your were in luck we just implemented a custom theme with the upgrade we completed this week. So new experience for us too.