Theme Maintenance

I was playing around with creating some new theme for our various environments. How to I remove a theme and put it back to the default? I tried clicking on Unload Style Theme but nothing happens.


Hey Kim!

You should be able to go into Theme Maintenance > select Name > choose your default Theme > make sure distributable and default is selected. Hit save and that should do it! If you don’t have your default theme anymore, let me know and
I can send you the file.

evidently I don’t have that file. I wonder what happened to it.

I don’t think there is one to begin with. What I had to do was save the theme as is, call it Default and then I could always revert back if needed be. I ended up created 5 different themes for our environment. “Inspired” seems to be the closest theme to default.

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Thanks Mike. I can do that in one of my other environments. Luckily I was only playing in one environment.