How to modify Purchase Order Release Search

Hi All,

Is it possible to modify what is shown in Purchase Order Release search? This search is showed up in Receipt Entry - New Receipt Line - Click “Line/Rel…” button. We want to add part description in the searched result.

I tried “Quick search entry” by linking to a BAQ; however two things happen:

  1. When I clicked “Line/Rel…” button, the quick search entry I just created did not show up. I had to right click the line filed (i.e. the first entry box next to “Line/Rel…” ) and selected the quick search entry that I just created;
  2. After I right clicked the line field and selected the quick search entry that I just created, all PO records showed up. In other words, the shown records did not just limit to the PO that was selected in the PO field. In the attached example, PO #500725.

I have spent the whole day to figure this out and would really appreciate any help you can provide.


Its not very straightforward as most searches are designed to return a single value (OrderNum, PartNum, etc…) and that particular search needs to return 2 values, one for the line and the other for the release.

I think this has been addressed on this site. Keep searching. If i come across it, I’ll post it.

Here’s a post about a BAQ search whe two values are required

Thank you so much, Calvin! I will take a look at this post!

Hi ypan,

Did you ever figure out a solution to this PO line/receipt search customization in Receipt entry? I am having the same problems as many here, needing to show another column of data in the search, and am having a heck of a time figuring out how best to do it. Whatever I make doesn’t show just the current PO lines/rels, it shows all of them. That’s not foo useful…