How to print one/several reports to folder from System Agent Scheduled Tasks

Does anyone have a simple “How To” run a report as a scheduled task from the system agent that will go to a folder on the server?

I have created the scheduled task called “EOM Reports” to run once for a specified time. I selected “EOM Reports” from the schedule dropdown when making selections for the report. The next step is where I get stuck.

If I select “Print”, the report will run at the scheduled time and print. If I select “Print Preview”, report runs at the scheduled time and previews. How do I get it to save to a folder? Do I have to create a Report Style with the folder as the Output Location?

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You can do this with custom code in a BPM. A simpler solution may be to email the reports on a schedule. I like to use shared mailboxes for this. If you have print routing, can can attach a routing rule, or use the SSRS Email function on the print dialog window.

You can setup a schedule in the system agent to run on a specified day (first of month for example).
When you run the report, change the schedule from Now to The schedule you created in the system agent and check recurring.
Make your date selections dynamic. Don’t set the the report to run as of 7/1. Use a dynamic option like First of this month (you can see the options in the drop down).

Instead of print or print preview, use the SSRS email option.
When you click OK, the report will be submitted to email with the parameters you specified on the schedule you created.

W can help you further if you choose the email option.

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I’ll second the use of sending a scheduled report to email.

I have a schedule that runs at 12:01 AM everyday. I’ve “run” the Stock Status report to email, using that schedule. Just make sure to choose the Dynamic date of “yesterday” when running it for the first time.

Currently, the emails just sit in a folder in outlook (a rulle moves them there automatically). I believe a rule could be setup to automatically save the attachment to a location. The outlook rule would have to be able it rename it, as the standard email attachment name isn’t configurable.

If you have APR (the one with Break/Routing), you can setup the Break Routing to specify the attachments name, including dynamic fields like Year, month, day, userid, etc…


A couple of hints when using the scheduled email method:

  • Make sure that specified date fields are dynamic
  • Add a note in the “User description” this makes it easier to identify which Scheduled task is what.
  • Very important!! Hitting the <enter> key while in any field in the SSRS Email window is like clicking the OKAY button. If you want multiple lines in the email body, use <CTRL>+<enter>

Thank you for the response. I do have APR; and will use the email method since I have to have it running by Friday. I will also investigate Outlook rules for saving attachments to a folder.