Schedule an Email with Attachment

Dear Experts,

Could you please suggest, how to schedule an email on daily basis with pdf report of Customer Statements as attachment.

Thanks in advance.

Get the advanced print routing module, it’s designed for exactly this

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Is this a BAQ report that you have made?

@adamk, any ssrs report either it is system generated or baq report.

We dont’t have APR module.

Have you tried creating a schedule in the system agent and then selecting that schedule when printing the report? if you set as reoccurring it will create the same email based on the schedule you set in the system agent…

Hari - Are you looking for this to make multiple emails, one for each customer, with the to address specific to the customer? Basically, sending an email to each customer, with each email having that customers Cust Statement attached.

Or one email message, containing all the All the customer statements as a single attachment, sent to the same individual (like your internal collections person) each day?

No, I have to send one email to our sales team only every day at 12:10 PM for collections.

Use standard ssrs subscription feature ?

Use the email tool on the Report window.