How to stop an attachment at the Job level?

Anyone aware of a way to add an Attachment at the Part / Revision but not have this Attachment carry over to the Job? I know it sounds strange but we only want the Attachment for viewing when troubleshooting MOM questions within say, Part Tracker of Method Tracker but we do not need it at the Job Level.

Anyone have a trick for how to do this?

From a very conceptual level, I imagine you could add a UD on the attachment, to denote whether or not it was visible on the Job or not. Then you would require some coding to hide the attachments on the Job screen.

My understanding is that attachments at the Part level do not move to the Job only ones on the Part revision do. You can try that. If that does not work you can customize the Job Entry tree view etc to not show the attachments. We did that on one of the screens some time back.

Vinay Kamboj.

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