How to Update CUSTOMER Rev based on change to OUR Rev

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We have a customer that has their own unique part number, but uses the same revision as we do in-house. Ideally, I would like to create a directive that updates the XPartRev when the revision is updated on the Part Master. So in short…

When an engineer updates this:

I want to systematically update this:

Can I approach this with a method Directive on the Part BO? I was unsuccessful with that thus far as I can’t figure out how to access the CustXPart table. Hmmm. Any thoughts?

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Have you done a trace on Part Maintenance and Customer Part Cross Reference. That should help get an idea of the business objects involved.

I took a quick look and I do see a CustXPrt business object. You should be able to call that BO from your Part BO.

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Thank you. That seems like a reasonable approach, now I can get down to configuring properly. I appreciate your response.