Updating a part number from a quote to a Sales Order

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I tried looking through the forum for this answer, but none of the answers quite fit what I was looking for. I may have missed it.

When we enter in a quote using the customer’s part number initially, what is the easiest way to change the part number in Epicor once the customer sends in a PO and we create our part number that will be cross referenced with theirs?

Someone showed me that they go into the quote, left click on the part number then go to part entry and delete the part number (not the oem part number) and then enter ours. This seems like a lot of steps for something that when our engineers make the official part number it isn’t already cross referenced somehow. I think we are missing a step somewhere along the line that could make this much simpler.

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i believe there is a program call customer part cross reference, and you should be able to type in the customer id / search for them and delete that reference.

I guess to give a visual of what I’m trying to accomplish in the least amount of steps possible is this:
From This
To This

We won’t create an official part number until we get the PO from the customer. Once we receive that, our engineering department creates the official internal part number that we will use. Currently, once we get the PO and that is done, then we have to go into the original quote, and change the part number before we can put in the PO into an SO. We have to go into the quote, right click the OEM part number and open customer part number entry then delete the customer part and change it to the internal part number and then go back to the quote, enter the internal part number and then fill in the customer OEM part number which also then changes the date that the quote was done to the current date. I’m hoping we are just missing a step somewhere that can either be done by engineering when they create the internal part number or find a simpler solution for the CSRs when they enter the PO as a sales order. But we also need to make sure that the quote has the correct internal part number as well.

One way you might be able to save some time right off the bat would be to not create a customer part for the OEM part. That way at least you can just change the PN in the Quote Line and then add a new Customer PartNum without going and deleting the old record. Seems like it might also be pretty easy for your engineering team to add that cross reference when they create the new Part, but that depends on how the internal processes for your company work.

If you want to eliminate most of the part number change workflow, you could create a Data Directive on CustXPrt table. When a new CustXPrt record is created, get open quotes lines that have the OEM Part (CustXPrt.CustNum) and change them to the new Part (CustXPrt.PartNum) using the quote BO Update method.