I have figured it out

It’s a whole 10 days since I dumped an off-topic thread on an unsuspecting community.

But I have figured out the answer to life, the universe and everything, and the coffee is taking too long.

Corporate work has become too large to manage by anything other than bureaucracy, and bureaucracy always fails to produce anything. So progress gets made by unmanaged stupid people doing stupid things; and smart people, who would otherwise never act, clean up the mess slightly better each time. Somehow, everything becomes slightly further ahead when the cleanup is done just enough to be usable. This pattern repeats because unlike the smart people, the stupid people never run out of ideas. That and the smart people always learn to clean up better and pre-empt specific repetition of the same stupid things.

So we all make progress as long as we realize where we fit in and that we need each other.



So whats the best pie crust recipe ?


If you subscribe to the ideas in “Strength Finders” those stupid people are called “Activators”. haha

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I’m not saying stupid == bad

I think too much so activators are necessary

Interesting, the recipe I grew up with isn’t too different, but instead of yogurt it was water egg/vinegar mixture. The hard part of pie crust doesn’t really seem to be the ingredients per se, but rather keeping the fat particles large enough to make a flakey crust while still getting it to form enough of a dough its not too painful to work with

Did it once… of course did not look like the pictures but was sooooo good!


This is a wild thread.

@utaylor I rest my case

Trying this during my upcoming time off!

I’m not trying to clean up anything let the good times roll

Everyone run, Kevin is typing


Sounds like you rediscovered Sturgeon’s Law and the Pareto Principle. I’ll add my own nameless principle: one smart person working alone is more productive than that same smart person leading a team of any number of midwits.


I don’t even know you but I had a bet with myself you’d weigh in with some good old-fashioned, I don’t know, let’s be charitable and call it pithiness…

My point is how us smart people (no brag; mathematically provable) need the action-oriented crazies to disrupt things so we have something constructive to do.

Also, a good pie crust recipe.

I’m sorry man, I just have to razz you sometimes


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Making thanksgiving pie is pretty constructive. :drooling_face:

I think we broke 20 pies one year. Sadly I don’t think we will be breaking any records this year

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Since we are sharing Random sH*z
Yesterday I made this Red Whie and Honey Poached pears and they were AMAZING. My kids (the two pickiest people alive ate it all)
Served it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Now I know @KevinK will say its probably only 10% as good as I said, but seriously that 10% is amazing. :drooling_face:

PS: Let that syrup cook down until its a thick glaze… O … M … G…


Ohh looks yummy. Reminds me of the grilled peaches and homemade vanilla ice cream I made for my sisters birthday once.

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I guess we’ll never know. You need a NYT account to read it.

Looks like our kids should get together and talk about the 5 things they will eat.