If I have Custom Config file, how do I push out to client

I updated my config file to use a CustomMES ID, I did this on the server, but want to push this out to my users. In e9, there was a clientzipinstaller, is there something like that in E10. ALso, how do I get that to run to the clients. I looked in the systemAdmin guide, but no look. Is there another guide I should look at?

You make the changes to the server’s sysconfig files, and during the next autoupdate the changes will be pulled down to the workstations.

A post that discusses that:

And for SaaS users @aidacra?

Mark W.

The local sysconfig files would need to be manually adjusted on the workstations in that situation.

When I changed the sys files on the server, it did not update.

Probably because in my shortcut, I dont have the -auto in there?

C:\Epicor\ERP10.1Client\Client\Epicor.exe /config=Production-E10.sysconfig

when Installing EPICOR, is there a flag to set the shortcut that way?

ALso, I did the custom folder process, and it did update the workstations, but I had to manually update the servers (terminal servers)

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I have some client side one-off files I would like to deploy to my workstations without having to manually copy them. How can I do that? I’m running Epicor 10.0.700.4.

Will these local changes (in SaaS environments) need to be redone after updates? The one I’m thinking about in particular is the DocStar signon prompt. By default, it’s commented out in sysconfig but as Cloud DocStar users, the default should be 'Interactive" and I wonder if we would have to go around once a month or so and reset them all if not preserved. (We noticed some items appear to be overwritten after updates.)


Mark W.

If the setting is moved or already located in the usersettings block on the local workstation’s sysconfig it will persist and not be overwritten by what is in the server’s sysconfig for that setting.