In a predictive search, is it possible to search matching occurences and not only 'starting with'

In Customer Entry, there’s a Customer ID field. We want to be able to write for example ‘Test’ so ‘Client Test’ shows up. By doing so, we won’t have to click on the search button each time.

The problem is that right now, the predictive search only has the field ‘Starts with column’ so the only way to find ‘Client Test’ would be by writing 'Client … Is there any way to do so?


Anyone ??? I don’t have any solution yet and it’s really important to save some time.

I’m guessing it’s not allowed because searching a contains takes a lot longer than simply searching starts with. I’m not positive, but think that’s why they made it the way that they did.

I’ll just use a custom search them and put condition ‘MATCHES’. I understand why they did that but if we’ve had the possibility, it would have been great.

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