Incoming carriage charge cost roll up

I have been searching for a way to get the miscellaneous header charge on a purchase order to spread across the lines on the order but haven’t found anything that works yet. At times we have fairly substantial incoming carriage and it is a significant part of the cost and should be applied to the parts on the order.

I am familiar with the container landed cost entry as we use this extensively for importing but I am wanting this for domestic purchases and raising a container for each order seems a little admin heavy. I am also aware that a landed cost can be applied at receipt of goods but this is not something that will work for us either. I would be very interested to know how others have overcome this.

Is the goal to have the charge sit as a material cost modifier in inventory or just have a miscellaneous cost ride along at each PO line level to a specific GL account? In other words, just breaking out a header charge to line level or having it carry all the way to inventory value?

Miscellaneous charges will not go to the cost of the part. Material Burden will, but that isn’t really a miscellaneous line level receipt approach.

If you are only looking for misc. charges, you could add a custom button in PO Entry that would distribute the charge evenly among lines. If you want it to impact inventory value, you will need to edit incoming cost or use material burden creatively.


Wouldn’t it be best to base the landed cost at the time of receipt?

And is this for Job Mtl, to stock, or possibly both?

Hello Ross,

Thanks for responding on this, yes we do want this to modify the cost in inventory. Are you saying that this can only be done with a line level miscellaneous charge?

Hello Calvin,

Thanks for the response, this is for both Job Mtl and to stock. Generally the cost is charged to us by the supplier and we have to add it to the PO as a misc header charge anyway so I was hoping to not have to create an extra administrative burden at receipt.

hi, do you use misc charges in your landed cost process already?

I am saying it can’t be done with miscellaneous charges. Sure, you could point your charge to an inventory account but that would be messy and it wouldn’t reflect on your stock status report so I would stay away from that.

The cleanest way to get the value in to inventory is with material burden or using the landed cost process, which is definitely more transactional overhead to get the job done. If every PO is going to be different and have a different misc charge, that complicates it because material burden isn’t usually modified every transaction.

Can you explain the ideal cost accounting scenario and we can start from there? It might be the easiest to just send all of the misc charges to a specific misc GL account for this purpose and manage it from there.


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Hi, would this help EpicCare Login - EpicCare

In our current environment the material burden can vary per goods in due to exchange rates etc

Thanks all, I think we will have to come up with a way to process the cost at receipt level.

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