Insights 2020 - In Person or Online?

I’m sure many of you have seen Tech conference after Tech conference go to an online format instead of meeting in person. I was wondering @ecain, is Epicor/EUG ready for such an eventuality?

I would be surprised if it still happens in person. I don’t know of any conference, tech or non tech, that are still happening. Everything from SXSW to Google I/O has been canceled.

@Mark_Wonsil - you mean just during the Coronavirus situation? Or to eventually do away with the in person conference, all together?

Even before this coronavirus situation, conferences have been getting smaller and smaller. Sony said it wasnt going to E3, before the coronovirus hit the news.

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Too early to tell right. Still two months plus away.

An IT conference I was scheduled to attend the week before Insights was cancelled on Friday. Google I/O was May 12-14th and it was already canceled. Facebook F8 was scheduled for May 5th. It’s not too early to cancel.

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I assume that’s what he’s talking about.


Makes sense as the topic does include “2020”

Hi Mark,

We hold two Virtual Summits per year for our manufacturing customers (just had one last week with record attendance) and we have found that it actually drives attendance to Insights. Nothing beats in-person! Personally, I am involved with or attending two conferences next week: Modex and Industry of Things World San Diego and they are both still on.



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ADP cancelled too

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Hi Elizabeth,

I completely agree that in-person is the best - especially for the unplanned networking benefits. I am definitely talking about COVID-19. Some companies will be limiting travel and some attendees may not feel comfortable with flying and staying in close proximity with others. As Chadd mentioned, F8 and Google I/O have already gone to an online format and they are around the same time. The City of Austin shutdown SXSW not the organizers. Some airlines are restricting domestic flights too. I’m just curious if Epicor has a “Plan B”? Not trying to be a Debbie Downer but it’s probably better to be prepared than not.


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Missed that one. I see Adobe also cancelled.

Everyone at Insights be like:



Hopefully there is a decision soon from Epicor. Everything is register just need to book flight/room soon.

I’m too cheap for flight insurance so either way we are going to Nashville LOL

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Same. See ya there, Insights or not! lol

Some airlines are allowing free cancellations or are offering vouchers. I was able to cancel a flight in May for a cancelled tech conference. They gave me a voucher for the flight cost good for 1 year from the date of the flight. Better than nothing. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Hey, you two could always hang out at the bars downtown and get some drinks! :wink:


I almost feel bad for Corona.

Also this, lol (although it turns out to be false):

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Not that I’m terribly scared of the Corona (or possible BudLight) virus but it would be nice if an online version of 2020 Insights would be offered as an option this year. If not streamed live during the conference, then through posted videos of the sessions after it. Those who don’t attend the conference in person, and even those who do, could pay for access to the recordings and Epicor could make up for some of the money they are (sorry to say) probably going to lose from those who decide this year not to travel to Insights because of COVID-19. (Hopefully those who do attend the conference will pay less for the videos than those who don’t.)

To try to put a more positive spin on it, even when I am at Insights there are times when I want to attend several sessions running at the same time and this way I could pay a little extra to have access to the videos for those sessions that I was unable to attend in person. Maybe this is crazy but if I were Epicor I would be investing in some devices to record the sessions and then offer paid access to those videos after the conference for both those who don’t attend and even those who do to try to make up for the possible low attendance this year. I know the Pass Summit offers videos of all their sessions after the conference is over and that’s a pretty big conference.