Intended job list BAQ

Is it possible to build a BAQ that shows the intended job list where all jobs are made to stock so there no firm tie exists between the jobs?

I dont think I fully understand the question. Are you asking if you can make a BAQ to display all UNFIRM, Make To Stock jobs?

Are we talking about sub assemblies that are make to stock?
The closest table showing this type of data is the PartDtl table. However, you have to do something fancy to match the sub to the parent if the dates and/or qtys aren’t lined up.

Maybe I might not have explained it all that well. We have 3 to 4 levels of BOM and all of the mfg parts are make to stock. we have a sales order for a mfg part, which is a make to stock component and all the job materials on the job are make to stock as well. I want to connect all these jobs together.

PartDtl is where you will find supply/demand data. Because you have that many layers that are not a fixed number of levels, you will likely want a CTE expression to recursively display your BOM. However, sub queries could work here too.