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I have made this BAQ, where i wanted to see all PO linked to our different Parts. Though i can’t get it to show the PO’s. Ive come to the conclusion that it’s because the PO are not directly linked to the specific job. How do i link PO’s to a specifik job?

Hope it’s understandable

Why not just use the Time Phase report. That will give you all of the supply and demand for a part.

Will it show me if a purchased part is directly linked to a job?

Can you paste a screenshot of the BAQ?

I don’t think it will tell you if the purchase order for the part is a purchase direct po… It will just tell you the part is in demand from that job.

Not exactly sure what you would like to see. The code, or something else?

I take that back, it should show a line for the po that is bringing in the part if it is purchase direct and it may also list a job number on that same line. I don’t know exactly… Now I am interested.


Sry, the Query Builder tab would be useful so we can see the tables you’re working with and how they’re linked to each other.

Here you go :slight_smile:

Anders, unless you mark the part/material in the job as purchase direct (which would issue a unique PO suggestion to buy direct for that job), there is nothing on a PO record that tells you which demand links it is fulfilling.

Oh okay, got it.
If Purchase direct was to be checked, then i think my BAQ would work.

Thank you! I will have to try that out

Thanks. So, I think your conclusion is correct that you’re not seeing any POs because they’re not directly linked to the Job Materials.

In a PO you can buy a Part to Inventory or directly to a Job (or to “Other” or a Subcontract Operation, but that’s besides my point). Maybe buying directly to a Job is better for your company, but that’s an important business / process decision that I don’t think should be made just to make a BAQ easier…

If it turns out you need to keep buying the POs to Inventory you could consider linking the JobMtl table to PODtl based on the PartNumber (and then put in criteria to make sure you only get open POs).

That also changes how purchasing works Anders, please test this in a test environment.


Do you know if you can mark the materials as purchase direct and still receive a bulk PO suggestion?

And then the suggestion is just different releases?

Or will it always be one by one, a suggestion for each job? I think it is the latter since most jobs have different due dates, etc…

Yes i will test it in the test environment first of all :slight_smile:

The whole idea is not to make the BAQ easier, it’s made in order for the workshop managers, purchasing employees to be able to see if any of those parts that we need to have issued to a job, is on stock. If it’s not in stock, then is there a PO on that part. If the Parts where directly linked to that job, we would be able to see the PO without having to open multiple Dashboards, but we would get the information straightaway.

It’s still only in testing phase, but im trying different things and seeing what works and what doesn’t

Anders, my only concern with this is that if you are using MRP to create jobs or MRP to do PO suggestions, I think the setup of these purchased parts will have to change and this change will create a mess for your purchasing team.

Waiting on Tom to confirm.

Got it, that makes sense. You could consider having multiple “PO columns” in this BAQ where one set shows POs that are directly linked to the Jobs and another set shows open Inventory POs for the JobMtl Part.

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I am thinking that Tom’s suggestion about Invenotry POs for the JobMtl part is your best bet Anders.

Changing the way you link po’s to jobs and setup materials in a job is more work than it needs to be for your purpose.

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Hmm, I’m not exactly sure how Suggestions are affected by purchase direct JobMtls but I think you’re right that it’s one by one.