Find all Jobs related to a Sales Order

I am trying to link Sales Orders to all of the Jobs that are related to it. Our users want to be able to see, on any job, what sales order it is for. Is this possible?

Are you using Make Direct or Make to Stock for your jobs?

There could be both.

Make to Order you can go from OrderRel to Job. Make to stock could be a bit more tricky

We create projects and link each job to a project and any related order to the project as well. Maybe something like this would work for you?
Or add a UD field to Job Entry to track the Order Num?

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Ok, once you get the top level Job, how do you get to all of the Jobs that are spawned from that job?

if make direct, it is easy… use the JOBPROD table and find all the jobs associated to the sales order.
if make to stock, it is harder… but it can be done by association. There is a table called PartDtl that is basically what MRP uses to look at DEMANDS (sales orders) vs SUPPLIES (Jobs, POs, etc). If you select all the JOBPROD Records associated with the part number on the order, you can see all the demands and all the supplies for that part. This then allows you to see and figure out what jobs will be supplying the sales order.


Do you just need a dashboard for your end users? If you’re not using the Project module you could report off of the JobProd table. As mentioned by the other users above, make to order and make to job wont be an issue but make to stock will be more complicated. Example of a dashboard I mocked up to demonstrate.


@jimship This is part of a routine I posted on doing calculations in getlist of a UBAQ last week. It calculates the Order for make to stock and make direct of a job for all jobprod. We don’t do much make to job, but that is in there I just have not tested it.

Maybe it can get you started.

schedule full calc orders.cs (5.5 KB)

Thank you all for your help. Let me work through some of these and see how far I get. If I have more questions I will post back.

Did you ever figure out a baq that returns all jobs from a sales order? Material is pulled from stock.

Hi Tim,

Having a hard time getting a listing of job numbers associated to a sales order.

The issue i am finding is the top level FG is not displayed on child jobs which complicates the data as reference is to the sub part not the FG.

Any idea how to build a baq to return a list of all jobs. Similar to a BOM indented file.

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If you’re doing manufacture to stock, I’ve found that it’s not useful to think in terms of “is order X or Y filled?”. It’s best to look at shortages in parts and cure them accordingly.

If you really are a make-to-order operation, then everything should be linked via job demand and you’ll likely have to use a recursive BAQ to drill down through multi-level assemblies.

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Thanks, for the advice.

New grounds for me, time to do some reading.

Ever looked into Multi Level pegging? This will find the job supply also for stock demand SO releases

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