Intercompany problem

Epicor version 9.05.701

  1. We have just set up a supplier in 1 company and ensured that “intercompany” is ticked.
  2. We set up a customer in the other company and ensured that “intercompany” is ticked.

However the purchase order has not come through to “incoming intercompany PO suggestions”…
Does the supplier in 1) and the customer in 2) somehow have to be linked?

Have i done missed something?

Thank you in advance.

I seem to recall that Customer IDs and Supplier IDs MUST be the company ID.

Mark W.

so,…if we had intercompany (customer and supplier) already setup …with the corresponding company ID’s…how do we setup another intercompany customer and supplier within the existing company?

If I have four companies in my database (111,222,333,444) and I’m in company 111, I have a customers 222, 333, 444 in that database but company 111 would be a supplier to the others.

Are you’re asking if an intercompany trading company can be both intercompany and not?

lol, im confused!

here is my dilemna…
our main company is labelled “company A” so we would be the supplier.
our 2nd company is labelled “company B”, they would be the customer

My issue is can we have a further supplier and customer within company A and Company B both being intercompany?

Well, since the Customer ID would have to be the company ID of the other company, and only one customer ID per customer table, there could only be ONE company ID that would do Intercompany trading from Company A to Company B. The Intercompany Checkbox is necessary but not sufficient. The IC Server needs to know where to send/receive documents and that’s the Customer/Supplier ID.

I’m on 10 but I’m pretty sure that’s the same in E9.

Mark W.

From and Intercompany functionality, No. You COULD set them up as if they were outside relationships but they would not flow through the Intercompany processes. You would print a PO and send it and hand enter the order in the other system.

Mark W.

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