SO / PO linking between companies

Epicor version 9.05.701

Company A (head office and manufacturer)
Company B (subsidiary, only distributes and sends order to company A to manufacture, company A then sends the completed finished goods to company B to distribute to its external customer)

Company B takes an order from one of their external customers. On their order they have the OrderNum and PONum which is all available on the table OrderHed.

When the order comes in at Company A to manufacture the goods, a sales order is raised…
All i need is something to map / link all the orders together…
so, Company B will put a PO into company A which turns into a SO…is there a table that shows all this mapped?

Sorry if i’ve over complicated my query!

This is how Multi-Company is supposed to work. I’ve done it in 9.05.702A, and most of the 10s, but not in 9.05.701.

With Multi-Company enabled and set up properly (which means different things in different companies), a sales order in Company B can automatically generate a PO Suggestion in Company B… which when accepted creates a PO in Company B to purchase the stuff from Company A. Then the magic happens, and an Incoming Intercompany PO Suggestion gets created in Company A. When THAT gets Accepted and processed, the SO is created in Company A.

There are several moving parts, and setup is critical.

your absolutely correct.

IMOrderHed gives me the live stuff…but nothing for the already converted items.

to my knowledge once the link is created, there isn’t a single table that holds all the data. You need to link everything back via PO number and SO number.

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Yup! @Ernie is right … and I don’t say that often :joy:

JK :slight_smile:


He doesn’t… really. I might print this out and frame it!


Hi everyone!

I’m coming across this same situation in Kinetic currently

However, my question is what if a sales order/job already exists in Company A and Company B is sending in a PO to have work done? There is a way to link an existing sales order/job to an intercompany PO, correct?

Also, ‘Transfer Order Shipment’ is the best way to transfer materials between companies at ‘0’ dollars right? Materials meant for company A were purchased under Company B and as such are being shipped there so we need to transfer them to Company A.

Any help is greatly appreciated!