Intercompany Sales Order - Need by date not correct when calculating off Ship to delivery dates

We have an issue where:

a) Our Subsidiary company creates an intercompany PO with a due date specified

b) Our Parent company then accepts the Incoming ICPO Suggestion

c) On the Sales Order - When we look at the need by date / ship date - it does not follow the rules per the “ship to delivery” date as specified in the customer setup (Ship to - tab) - the dates are identical - as displayed in the Purchase Order

Delivery Days is only used when the SO is created by the Demand Management module, there is an enhancement to use this logic in other places.

There is an enhancement for this, you can vote in

@Colin.Lum A bpm to do the delta is not hard. I did it on OrderDtl for ECM/DocStar Sales Order Automation. You may need to add a check for the production calendar and weekends. There is code on the forum to do that check.