Is the Stock Status report in Epicor 10.1.400.21 correct.

Our report and balance sheet does not match. If it goes off, were do you check.

Yes it works and it reconcilable back to your GL. In the past, I have had some minor issues with average costed parts. The report used to use the current average regardless of the cut-off dates. I haven’t confirmed if that is still the case with 10.1.400.x. However, I can see that there was a major rewrite with v10.1 so maybe that issue was fixed.

First thing I would do is to confirm that all inventory/WIP transactions have been posted to the GL. You can use the Inventory/WIP Reconcilation report for this. If they have not, work with Finance to figure out what period they should be posted to.
Next thing I would do is check the chart tracker for the inventory accounts. Check to see if there are ANY other journals besides the IJ journal (inventory journal). If there are any other journals (i.e. GJ, PJ are common), then it won’t match because your GL has “outside” charges to it (i.e. items that did not affect your perpetual inventory).
Those are the 2 easy items. It only gets more complex from here.

If you’re trying to make-up for years of neglect, I would suggest that you save yourself a lot of heartache and make a journal entry to force the GL to match the Stock Status (i.e. print out the SS at the end of the month). Then monitor it going forward.

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While testing this week we noticed some issues in the standard SSRS report

  • some subtotals for Negative On-Hand were off.
    The values on our old Crystal version of the report were OK.
    TBD if Epicor offers an updated report or if we will fix it ourselves.