Invoice Entry Error

My accounting team has someone who created a group and typed everything in and then logged out. The person next to her went to get into the group and it said it was in use and may not be selected. We need someone else to be able to access this group, is that possible?

Well, to my surprise, it as as simple as File–>Exit. Shame I didn’t think of that before i posted! :blush::blush::thinking:

Sometimes it does get stuck. You can go into SQl and run:

SET APInvGrp.ActiveUserID = ’ ';

To see if there’s any locked records:
SELECT APInvGrp.GroupID, APInvGrp.PostInProcess, APInvGrp.IsBOE, APInvGrp.ActiveUserID

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10.1 has unlocking batches available on the Epicor menu - saves writing direct to the database. Under system maintenance rebuild processes, finance.