Invoices and Checks

When our AP person is cutting checks, Epicor by default applies 36 invoices per check. This is fine. What I am wondering is if there is any way to direct what invoices go on which check. I believe now it assigns them in date order, my accounting people are asking if it instead can be assigned in invoice number order.

I have never tried but the first place I would look is at the ChkPrint.rdl file and see if you can alter the sort from within the report.

To clarify, I have successfully changed the way the invoices are sorted when they are printed on the check. I was able to do that by modifying the .rdl just like @rnewell suggests.

What I am asking is, before the checks are printed, as the checks are being created, is there a way to control the logic that is used to assign invoices to checks. In invoice number order, for example.