Invoicing error, Line items being changed to $0

Has anyone run into the issue of a line item price going to 0 when an order is invoiced? It’s also changing the price on the order to 0. It’s randomly happening for a few line items but not all of them. It also removed the price list from that line.
We have a sales acknowledgement proving there was a price on the order. We’ve already confirmed it’s not a user error. It’s more of a Epicor processing error at the time of invoicing.

Check if the Time And Materials box was checked for the line on the order.

I just reviewed them and it’s not checked for any of the parts with a price or with a 0 price.

Other things to check include:

  • Ship Complete - Some customers won’t allow invoicing is a line is not complete, so an option exists for this.
  • There wasn’t any prepayment (Adv Billing). If you do advanced billing, it makes an invoice up front. Then you have to make another invoice afterwards - even though it will show as zeros.
  • No discounts applied
  • Billing Date (Most likely not your issue) - allows for only billing on specific day of the month.
  • Drop Shipped item that wasn’t properly received.
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Thanks, none of that applies to these items. I’m still digging into it.

Hi Kristin,

The #1 place that screws up our pricing is changing customer ID midstream. A user could have one on there, print an acknowledgement, change the Customer ID, and voila, no pricing.

Any chance that happened? Do you have change log on the order to review what was changed when pricing went down to zero?


No we do not have the change log on to review any changes but it’s happened with a handful of orders. We have multiple order entry people and it’s happened to at least one of their orders in the last 2 months. We are 100% certain that it’s not a user going in and changing anything as some of the lines in the order still have pricing. We did notice that when it 0’s out the price in the order it also remove’s the price list for that line item.

Hi Kristin,

A change of customer ID would also remove the price list I think. The user could have made order, changed customer ID, not fixed those zeroed line prices, and then added more lines at later time or date.

Book details would show when the line bookings were in there and when changed, etc., per below. This might help ascertain what might’ve happened.



Thanks Nancy, I’ll look into that.

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We have and we have not figured out the root cause. What we do is use the Lock Price checkbox on each of the sales order lines. Pricing should not change if that box is checked.

Yes we use that as well. But something in our system is overwriting that check box at invoicing.

Can you re-create it, maybe in a test environment? Do a trace and see what’s happening under the hood.

Not yet, we are reviewing the AR Edit Report for invoicing and invoices after they’ve been created to see if we see the issue again. We did prove in the TEST environment that the orders that got changed were correct in TEST and the change log in live only had one line item for when the order was created.