MES Button trigger Question

Good Morning … new to customizing MES and really customizing in general. I have a button created in MES and would like to trigger it to kick off a menu item (program.) I am aware how to customize, get to the event handlers but I am new to the coding if my menu item/program is named “MyProgram”; what code do I put in the “enter your code here” to tell the program to kick off “MyProgram” when my custom button is clicked? I’m using a custom button click event. I am very new to the customizations and C#. None of the documentation and/or googling has helped me. I think I’m in a “just ask the question” spot. Thanks in advance. Becky

Read / look through the Customization User Guide, in there it explains how to launch UI Applications from code

we also encourage you to use the search features on this site as many times things that you are faced with tackling have been visited and posted on here by others. There are hundreds of threads on MES customizations at your finger tips.

I’ve read through the both the 10.1.5 and the 10.1.4 and I’m having a severe brain issue (been looking at it too long.) I even just now reread the 10.1.5. I understand it’s Process.Start but so confused about what I should be using to identify a program (specifically Erp.Rpt.JobTrav with report style id 1004.) I know this is not the most difficult question and if it already exists then I’ve totally missed it the previous 15x’s I’ve searched.

Thanks - Becky

trying to parse out your question… Are you asking about the syntax for launching an Epicor form?


this is typically encapsulated within the button click event when you are trying to do what you are, use the wizard to stub that portion of the code out.

Thank you … That is exactly what I was looking for.

ProcessCaller.LaunchForm(oTrans, “UDBLRPNT”);

Question … am I able to submit a BPM via a button click? If so; what would that syntax look like?

it’s possible, although very indirectly. The real question is, why would you want to??

Manipulate the proper data (data directive) or call the appropriate method
(method directive) to fire the desired BPM. Do you mean BAQ by chance?