Is it possible to process sales without a sales order?

Hi everyone,
My company has regular sales to suppliers, not customers (parts and quantities are not constant). So it is handled by the purchasing team. And the purchasing team thinks the sales order process is cumbersome.
Is there any way to process sales without a sales order? Or what is the simplest way to process sales?

There’s a thing called Counter Sales. Which is still the Sales Order screen, but can automatically generate a packer and mark it shipped. Itcan auto invoice too. It’s more for “walk-in” type sales where the person pays and takes it with them, all in one screen.

Is your actual business case that you sell parts to your suppliers that then transform them into something else that you then buy from.them? Like a subcontract operation, but you sell them the materials instead of just providing them?

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yes. We sell some raw materials to a supplier, who then makes a product and sells it to us.

Do you have to sell it to them? Or can you ship it to them and have them just charge you for the service? If so, then subcontract would be perfect.

We have to sell to them.