Is it possible to setup automatic alert notifications for low inventory levels?

Hello, I am a new user to the Epicor Eclipse operating system. We are currently using version 9. My first assigned task is to figure out a way to incorporate an automated alert notification that would alert an admin/user that an inventory item has reached its minimum assigned quantity, allowing us time to restock before we run out completely. Ive looked into trackers and message but dont see where i can combine those features with what im wanting to do. I would have to imagine someone has had this same thought before but i cant find a thread anywhere talking about automated alerts for low inventory tracking. Thoughts?

Not familiar with 9 - but can you set up a task that checks your levels, and schedule it to every hour? If I’m not wrong, even the more modern versions of Epicor need some sort of trigger (BPM or schedule) to run checks like this

@jwphillips Eclipse is different than ERP, so the framework there will be different than most of use are used to.

@Mike_A Welcome. Is there a tools guide for Eclipse on EpicWeb? That will give you an idea of what kinds of things you can build.