Is there a PO Line Limit

Wondering if there is a limit on how many new PO lines are allowed on one PO creation…thank you for your time

I don’t believe there is any limit, but you may be limited by resources and configuration, (RAM, timeout settings)

How many lines?

We don’t know as yet…there may be over 100 needed on one PO. Thanks for the response.

I think it is 9999 lines on a PO


that would work :slight_smile: thanks

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@SueLowden is correct… the POLine field in the database is a 4-digit integer field.

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Good point, I don’t know what I was thinking :frowning: (note to self don’t reply to epiusers posts late at night). I was considering it from and end user performance perspective…

Clearly every environment is specifically different, the underlaying server hardware, client, network etc. There are lot of variables.

If performance is a concern, then I suggest conducting some simple tests with said maximum rows, using copy/paste insert and checking how long it will take. Once the PO is created, test updates, save and loading the same PO from an empty screen. This will give you some idea if you are going to have any issues in that department.

If you question was really about the maximum and how we can automate things then there are other alternatives in getting the data in, REST, Automation Studio being just two.

While not a DB limit, you may run into printing issues with MANY lines. Sales Order printing suffers when exceed 200 SO lines.

Thank you everyone who furnished a reply. I believe we’ll be ok as I’ve already warned and instructed Purchasing to keep it low if they can. It’s our Suppliers who want only one PO showing all lines, so that’s what prompted the question.