What is the limit for # of lines on a Quote?

Hey all, does anyone know, or know where I might find what the limit is for number of lines on a quote, if there is one? We have a crazy long one causing problems and I’m guessing it’s just too big (700+ lines).

Maybe the problem is because when you are entering the lines the Ready To Process checkbox is checked. You can try to clear the checkbox first, then enter the lines and finally clic the checkbox. When this checkbox is marked, the system is re-calculated taxes and other information. In this way, after you enter all the lines, the calculation will occur only once.

We actually can no longer pull up the quote in question. It gives an Invalid Quote number error. I still have it in Pilot, when it had 689 lines, but they add to it all the time, so it was last pulled up last week. Today they try, in Classic and Kinetic, and the quote went poof. I ran a BAQ to see if I can see it that way, and I cannot. I’ve got Epicor working on it too, but you know how that is, so I thought maybe someone here would know.

Sometimes I have isolated UI vs. Epicor issues by seeing whether I can do something in DMT (create ) or SQL (read) as opposed to UI kr BAQ…

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