Is There a Way to Assign a Quick Search to a Filter Button?

Assigning a Quick Search to a Search Button accompanied by a text field is easy. You right click the text field and Quick Search Entry is available to be used:

But what about when there’s no field to right click, and the search box is just a button? Like in a Filter? Some system Quick Searches show up when I click the Customer Filter in the Commission Report, but I don’t know how to make one of my own Quick Searches show up in this list:

I’ve compared the editable settings on those system Quick Searches in Quick Search Entry and mimicked them exactly, but no dice. Any ideas?

Try this… Try to create the Quick Search the same way you’re accustomed to by right clicking in Customer as you’ve shown in your example. Your context key (like) should be Customer.CustID. Set up your Quick Search but make sure to check the box for All Occurrences

This should give you the results you’re looking for. If not, try to log out of Epicor and log back in.


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Brilliant! I had tried that checkbox, but I didn’t close Epicor and reopen it. That turned out to be the crucial piece in my case. Thank you so much!

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