Is there an Insights 2021 Agender Builder App?

Is there an Insights 2021 App?

I am looking for the Epicor Insights 2021 Agenda Builder. I see an “Agenda Builder” Web page but it is just that - just a web page.

Am i missing something?


Ha… I asked the same question yesterday, and I learned that there will be a phone APP coming out just like in previous years. Just not released yet.

Hopefully the WiFi holds up and is stronger than 2019. :wink: I think I’ll bring a paper backup of my agenda just in case.

Does anyone know if we need an actual Laptop? or is an iPad or any tablet going to work?

I agree with Randy - hopefully the WiFi will be better.

I believe in the past Epicor offered WiFi “as an extra cost” for the conference. Any idea if they are going to do the same this year?


So I asked earlier about this and how we would connect to training/lab data - I thought someone said there was an image to download at one point…

Holly at the Insights support team responded with:

Hi Michael.

If you bring your own laptop you will connect to the lab material through a remote link that will be given to you in the session. You do not need anything additional to access the information.

If you do not want to bring your own laptop, a rental option is available on your registration page: Sign In: Insights 2021

See you in Las Vegas!

More information:

  1. IF you are taking any LABS or Extended Education, it is best to bring a LAPTOP with a KEYBOARD & MOUSE to get the most out of the lab/class. iPads are best suited for reading lab book material.
  2. There will be the normal hotel network working in the convention area.
  3. There will also be a WIFI in in the Customer Lab area that will be available for you to connect your laptop into the Virtual Machines for that class.
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Mr. Tim: Thank you for the update.


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FYI, In each LAB room, the front 7 rows in the room will have POWER for you to plug in your laptops.


Any word on the App for Insights this year? The format this year for adding sessions to my calendar is less than desirable.

Recent email from my CAM. Not all the agenda is on there as far as I can tell.

Instead of searching for “Epicor” or “Insights” you will want to search for “EventMobi”. This is the platform we are using to develop and manage our Insights app.

Once you download the app it will walk you through how to get logged in and find the Insights event. The event code should be: epicorinsights

From there you should be able to browse the agenda, build your personal agenda, and explore the rest of the app offerings. Unfortunately I am not a good resource to help troubleshoot anything in the app so the above is about all I can tell you. Note that you may find irregularities in the agenda today yet as I have been told that the final agenda update will be made tomorrow at which point the app will be set for official launch.